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[ all levels - barre ]

Lengthen & tone with this resistance workout.

 No dance experience needed! 


Flow Vinyasa

[ all levels - yoga / vinyasa ]

Match poses to breathe in this fun, movements based class set to music.

Pilates Stretches

Flow Fit

[ all levels - yoga / group fitness ]

Take your yoga to the next level with fluid exercises & weight reps.


Flow Zen

[ all levels - meditation ]

Begin or enhance your practice with intentional, led meditation session.

Yoga Mats

Flow Foundations

[ all levels - yoga ]


First-timer or just looking to refresh? Start Here.


Flow Power

[ intermediate - yoga / power ] 

Get your workout in with this powerful flow! [Also, check it out 

at 90+ degrees]


Flow Restore

[ all levels - yoga / restorative ]

Renew yourself with 60 mins of deep stretches & amazing vibes.


Flow Hiit

[ all levels - group fitness ]

Get a full body workout with this high intensity routine, including a mix of cardio, weights & body moves.


Flow Barre Power

[ all levels - barre / group fitness ]

Tone up in this express class using barre moves focused on barre muscle isolation.

Workout Group

Flow Body Hiit

[ all levels - fitness + yoga ]

Best of both worlds with this

75 minute full body workout that flows right into a vinyasa yoga routine.

*All class descriptions available on Vagaro when booking with (i) at upper right corner of each session.
Class types, descriptions, instructors & availability are subject to change.
Not all classes listed may be offered for each schedule.

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